Two gal(ah)s
Susan Leigh Foster & Rosalind Crisp

Rosalind Crisp and Susan Leigh Foster began their twenty year association in Sydney in 1997. In this ragged duet they use their sharp wit and decaying bodies to unravel their dancing histories. Two Gal(ah)s is part of an ongoing process of collaborative investigation into the body and its histories. Rosalind & Susan extend a warm welcome to audience members to look in on that process as it is evolving. Performers Rosalind Crisp & Susan Leigh Foster / outside eyes Helen Herbertson & Andrew Morrish / production Tanzfabrik Berlin. Residency June/July 2017, Tanzfabrik Berlin. Showings of their ongoing practice in Berlin: 27 May, 15 June, 16 June, 30 June, 1 & 2 July, 2017.


Live feed
a new group work by Rosalind Crisp

Rosalind Crisp's practice questions the hegemony of dance training, the set pathways and patterns inscribed in a dancer's body that hold the artist in the past. Her body is marked by years of deconstructing the lexicon of contemporary dance, and by her ongoing physical critique of dance's sedimentation as a museum of learnt moves. In this first stage of Live feed Crisp invites a small group of Berlin dancers, who are experienced in her approach, to interrogate the history of her method in their dancing bodies, to reflect on the layers of tools and their autonomy with the practice, as it constantly evolves. Choreography Rosalind Crisp / dancers Céline Debyser, Sunniva Egenes, Anna Nowicka, Max Fossati & guests / artistic advice Andrew Morrish / lights Marco Wehrspann / production Tanzfabrik Berlin.
Showing of development at Uferstudio 14, Berlin, 23 July 2017. Live feed will premier in Berlin in February 2018.

(UN)DOMESTICATED BODIES is part of Platform East - Berlin & eastern Europe (2016 - 2018), a platform for Australian artists and Australian-European collaborations, curated by Rosalind Crisp/Omeo Dance, assisted by the Australian government through the Ministry for the Arts’ Catalyst - Australian Arts and Culture Fund, Tanzfabrik Berlin and Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Created at Uferstudios Berlin in coproduction with Tanzfabrik. Management of Platform East by Auspicious Arts Projects (Australia).

(Un)domesticated Bodies: Two Gal(ah)s
Rosalind Crisp & Susan Leigh Foster
extract 2 min (2017)

DIRt - ongoing research project

DIRt (Dance In Regional disasTer zones) is an ongoing project with artists & ecologists practicing in regional Australia. Beyond representation and mimicry, how can dance develop a form that enacts both radical dance and radical politics? How do we develop a process and language for dance that seeks to explore, embody, understand and connect to unfolding environmental devastation? And how is this relevant to people in all places from all walks of life?
Residency & seminar day 11 March 2017 at Critical Path Sydney with Rosalind Crisp, Peter Fraser, Vic McEwan, Andrew Morrish

© photo Lilli Antonoff

https://vimeo.com/217929599 password: DIRt
Rosalind Crisp, Vic McEwan, Peter Fraser, Andrew Morrish
2 hours (2017)