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NOW - planned burns are targeting approx. 20,000 hectares of remote forest & woodland in East Gippsland this autumn. In defiance of the science, the Victorian government agency, Forest Fire Management Victoria, is ramping up large scale burning, with blatant disregard for the contribution of fire to the extinction crisis.

NOW - native forest logging may have officially ended in Victoria, but land clearing on farmland across East Gippsland is increasing. 


You might have thought that after the 2019/2020 fires killed millions of native animals and birds, government, enviro departments and local councils would have stepped up protections. But no, here we are, once again, deepening the collapse of Australia's native ecology.


This is a plea, and an invitation, to come and see what is happening to your country


And consider supporting any of these unfunded groups striving to protect Australian native species from extinction. You will also find ample information on the carnage:

Environment East Gippsland     Gippsland Environment Group    Victorian National Parks Assoc.

Environmental Justice Australia    Bush Heritage    Birdlife Australia




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